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5 impressive wedding gifts!

Summer is the season of weddings! We all have received at least one invitation! However in many cases it is hard to choose a beautiful gift for dear friends or relatives who marry and would not end back to the store! You will need to find something impressive that would beautify their place but will be also useful and unique!

Sophia from its 5 collections recommends unique gifts that go beyond the usual and will thrill the couple.

Unique artifacts: Hygeia Head from Eternity Today Collections
The valuable classical Greek heritage takes form through contemporary design with unique handmade art objects such as Hygeia Head: The figure of the ancient goddess expresses mental balance with physical health: All available in different sizes, with ancient quotes in their base.

Wall Art: A touch of luxury with images with gold frame
The classic beauty is enhanced by the Byzantine art of gold leaf used to create these unique paintings: a sophisticated gift that will give great pleasure to the couple and a unique style at home.

Decoration and utility: Bookends design
Practical as well as distinctive, keep books in order with elegance thanks to their attractive designs and colors. An original and stylish gift from Eternity Today Collection transpires a scent of Greek history.

Art de la Table: Labyrinth Dining & Dessert Plates
Porcelain plates inspired by ancient myths and motifs. Sophia’s plates in soft two-tone white and light blue colors transpire a Greek character and make the mix-and-match much easier. It is an ideal gift for the first tables of the couple!

Set of 4 cappuccino cups with special philosophical character
From the Philosophia collection, a different set of cups for cappuccino decorated with Greek Key-words used in the English vocabulary and trigger philosophical thought: harmony, utopia, ecstasy and dialogue: concepts and important motivation for discussion or dialogue game during daily habits!
5 impressive wedding gifts!