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Add some color to your life!

Summer is just around the corner and our mood is merrier than ever, making this time of the year appropriate for a home renovation. Using the power of different colors we can create cheerful details that will bring a “summer breeze” in our place.

Play with colors in the right doses and combinations to change the character of your home:

Shades of Blue: Blue is almost everyone’s favorite summer color, as it is a reminiscence of the Greek sea and sky. The blue colors and all of its shades, is one of our first choice for this period of the year, not only for utilitarian objects but also for the decorative ones.

Fresh colors like green, which symbolize hope for life and regeneration always have a positive effect on our psychology and give a note of optimism in our place.

Pastel colors such as vintage pink, vintage green and vintage blue, are always a good options as they transpire peace and serenity.

Vibrant colors: Dare also to add some red details to your place; a warm color, filled with passion. You can try to create a synthesis of vibrant colors on your wall or you can simply add a beautiful purple pillow in your room. The vivid colors catch everyone’s eye, whilst trigger playful contrasts.

Colors affect our mood and beautify our everyday life. As the seasons change, put color both in your home decoration and in your life in general and notice the difference!
Add some color to your life!