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Sophia is both an idea, a concept and an initiative.


Born in Athens, she studied painting and History of Art in London and many years later Sociology in the British Open University, to broaden her horizons. In Greece she first worked as an interior decorator, co managing with great success one of the two unique offices of interior design in Athens.

Later, she experimented with different ideas, searching for authentic old techniques by travelling all over Greece to find the craftsmen that were disappearing, she started creating one of kind items in harmony with the cultural legacy and the contemporary needs. She started exhibiting and selling them in her first Kolonaki store in a place decorated in a challengingly modern way, offering objects designed by herself and manufactured in Greece.

In the next years, following the great demand for modern home decoration items from foreign exhibitions, her work developed into importing items from large, well-known foreign companies and as a result, wholesale business began to be an activity of SANDRA SA.

In 2013, in a very difficult time for the market when the economic situation in Greece was in the eye of the hurricane and the crisis had brought all entrepreneurs to their limits, Alexandra decided to make a collaborative initiative aiming to support local designers and creative entrepreneurs.

She envisioned a place where the needs for creativity, business, entrepreneurship, education, environment and social cohesion could be tuned in harmony. SOPHIA Enjoy Thinking, fist collection Eternity Today was born.