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Black and white Décor Ideas

Fall is the season of renewal and we all desire to make small changes in our home, as we all start spending more time in it. A good idea is to follow the classic black and white combination and you will not be disappointed. If you are not able to radically change the whole interior, small black and white strokes will give a new style to your space. Let's see how:

Geometry: The geometric patterns in black and white are a strong trend that will add a strong identity even in the most neutral space. You can place wall arts on the wall, with black and white geometric patterns that will transform your room!

Harmony: It is very important that the two contrasting colors blend harmoniously into the space. Choose black and white decorative items, whilst maintaining the balance between the two.

Invest in diversity: If you plan to decorate the entire space in black and white tones, it will be certainly very impressive. However, think that it will be even more impressive if you place a special decorative object in bright red. It will surprisingly "break" the monochrome look and will attract everyone’s attention!

Another color that can have a similar result is the light blue. A statue in this color will make interesting contrast with the black and white tones.

The black and white combination is elegant, sophisticated, and timeless. They are simply to put and ridiculously fabulous! Try it!
Black and white Décor Ideas