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Sophia is both an idea, a concept and an initiative.

Corporate Gifts

Entrepreneurs often show their gratitude to partners with a special gift. The business gift is a kind gesture of recognition, appreciation of a good cooperation. It is important to choose correctly a corporate gift that will both reflect our aesthetics and our respect for the other person and our professional relationship.

Therefore our gifts should be elegant, yet different from the ordinary ones. Sophia Enjoy Thinking has a lot of options for sophisticated business gifts that will make a difference!

Nowadays, Statuettes are one of the main deco trends. Sophia’s statuettes of ancient Greek philosophers with engraved quotes on their base will catch the eye and will add an intellectual touch to your colleague’s desk.

The Dialogue Hands of the Philosophia Collection, a sculpture that reproduces gestures of ancient Greek hands to highlight the essence of dialogue, is the ideal gift for an exceptional partner. It is an excellent corporate gift to express one’s appreciation to an excellent collaborator.

Practical, yet so unique Sophia’s notebooks are a very good choice for our busy colleagues. Beyond the ordinary, providing incentives for thought and creativity, SOPHIA’s Notebooks will accompany your partner always and everywhere.

Elegant and minimal, the mugs of SOPHIA’s Philosophia Collection will change the morning routine in the office. With words and their meaning printed on, they will trigger conversations and brainstorming just before the pace of the daily routine at work speeds up.

For a creative partner Sophia’s games will trigger dialogue and internal search as well as moments of serenity at home. Memory & Dialogue games for strong players who are not afraid to try to have a dialogue or to think outside the box! A corporate gift that will definitely not just impress the receiver, but also it will not stay in some corner of the office!

This time choose, for your valuable partners, gifts that will stand out from the ordinary ones… gifts that will trigger discussions and philosophical thinking and will make a difference.
Corporate Gifts