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Sophia is both an idea, a concept and an initiative.

Creative Xmas

This year we choose creative Xmas!

Our favorite holiday of the year is around the corner... Christmas season is connected to joy, shopping walks, gifts and beautiful moments exchange with loved ones. Christmas is the time of the year, when most of us welcome in our homes friends and family to celebrate... Food, wine, music and of course, what else? Games!

Games are a “must” buy during this time. The smarter and most imaginative they are, the better, as they will turn our Christmas gatherings into unforgettable memories that will “follow” us through the year. SOPHIA’s proposals, part of the Philosophia collection, are unique games, which will guarantee not just merry, but also creative Christmas moments. 

Memory games: Do you have a good memory? Memory games put our mind to think, through matching the cards with the two identical quotes of both ancient philosophers and modern thinkers. The one who will achieve to match more cards will win. But in the end everyone will be a winner, as Sophia’s games will sharpen everyone’s both memory and mind!

Dialogue games: There are questions, which do not have a "right" answer; questions that simply trigger our mind to stroll around an intellectual maze; questions that when we share them with our friends will lead us to creative dialogues. SOPHIA’s Dialogue Games introduce these types of questions that will add a different touch to the notion of game; a philosophical mood and a chance to get to know each other a little better ... Can’t it get any better than that!

Know thyself games: Do you want to lead the conversation and the game into deeper “paths”? And to get to know the people around you even more? The three new Know Thyself games with 20 questions arising from ancient Greek philosophy and modern psychology will give you the perfect opportunity to do so! Insightful and inner search for you and your company is guaranteed, whilst the game becomes even more interesting! Do you dare?

This Christmas draw inspiration from SOPHIA’s games and become a little more creative, live intense moment with your loved ones, express yourself a little more and communicate in depth…

And if some of the questions or the quotes of our games ring a bell or turn a switch inside you, their beautiful cards can easily decorate your wall! You can distinguish those cards that affect you the most to set your own New Year's resolutions! Choose thoughts and ideas that will guide you through the upcoming year! Merry Christmas to everyone!