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Sophia is both an idea, a concept and an initiative.

Dialogue Game

Dialogue is the most perfect form of communication. Based on speech, it is the most eloquent way to express our thoughts and feelings. Through dialogue, humans can formulate ideas and share their thoughts. It is the best way to externalize our inner world.

However, nowadays, how often do we start a constructive dialogue with our fellow human beings; Sophia’s products offer dialogue impulses through its products:

- Dialogue Games: With questions without a "correct" answer, the Dialogue Games integrate in our busy schedule the “much needed” time for thinking, whilst having fun. Turn the card, read the question and wonder: What is right and what is wrong? There is only one truth or many? When the good is bad? Of course, opinions will vary, but at the end everyone will agree that dialogue is the most fun game.

- Notebooks: With quotes inside, Sophia’s notebooks help one think and at the same time offer topics for discussions with our friends on a daily basis.

- Art de la table: Everyday-use objects that decorate our kitchen accompany us on relaxing moments with friends and trigger discussions based on Greek words, which are either written on their center or hidden within puzzles.

- Wall art canvas with quotes: Completing the decoration with prestige and creativity their quotes give a spark for discussion. We choose our favorite quotes, letting our friends to comment on it or start a dialogue!

Dialogue is of paramount social and spiritual value. Integrate it as a game in your life and put some pepper to your daily routine.
Dialogue Game