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Sophia is both an idea, a concept and an initiative.

Holidays! It's time for reading!

Holidays mean blue waters, endless beaches... Just by reviving this image in your mind you can relax... We are looking for beautiful moments of relaxation, joy and happiness. Reading is for many people a common habit during summer vacation that stirs serenity, satisfaction and joy.

The company of one or more books is among the key issues in the list that we have prepared just before we go on holiday. So what are we going to read this summer? Some of us may choose an old book that has always been our favorite or the one, which has been left unfinished on our bedside table during the busy winter, and at least a new choice that will give us a new life perspective... What could this be?

SOPHIA as genuine lover of Ancient Greek spirit and wisdom suggests the ancient Greek philosophers:

Socrates: One of the most important figures of Greek and international culture and civilization. Socrates is considered to be one of the founders of Western philosophy. He shifted philosophical thought from the natural phenomena to human being and society. You can find out more about the life and philosophical teaching of Socrates through the works of his student Plato, as the former did not leave any writings.

Plato: The well-known student of Socrates and the teacher of Aristotle. Plato had a vast impact on the progress of ancient Greek philosophy, as well as the western philosophical practice in general until today. An important part of his work in the form of philosophical dialogues has survived.

Aristotle: Contributed in almost every aspect of human knowledge and his work set the foundation for later philosophy. Someone that may chose to read Aristotle’s writing today is difficult to realize, that the texts were written 2,500 years ago. People thought have always recognized fundamental truths in Aristotelian thought system. Aristotle’s writings certainly deserve a place in SOPHIA’s philosophical "journey”.

Pythagoras: Important Greek philosopher, mathematician, geometer and theorist of music. There is no evidence that Pythagoras had recorded his philosophical though into a written format. Not even the Pythagorean Theorem. However, his knowledge and wisdom have changed the world until today. The "gold epics", seventy one couplets – guidance for life, are considered to be distillate of his teaching.
Holidays! It's time for reading!