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Sophia is both an idea, a concept and an initiative.

Hotel Deco

Create a unique experience for your guests!

Hotel design is one of the main parameters influencing the selection of accommodation of a visitor, who want to stay in a pleasant and stimulating environment. The main source of inspiration for the hotel decoration is certainly its location! Greek history and heritage can definitely inspire the interior decorations and create aesthetics of distinctive characteristics.

Sophia’s products elegantly unravel the character of Greece in a unique way. They are ideal choices for hotels with personality. Let's have a look at some tips that will help you design a remarkable hotel interior:

Colors awaken the senses
Bright colors can create a vibrant atmosphere and add a touch of brightness in the space. It will make your visitors want to spend more time in the hotel! Choose unique design objects in bright colors, which combine eternity with modernity to narrate stories of the past within the contemporary hotel interior.

Restaurants worth visiting
A delicious meal and a pleasant space is not enough. Design a restaurant area, which will provide a unique experience for your customers through Sophia’s Art de la table:
- Porcelain diner & dessert plates in shades of white and blue will give a touch of “Greekness” on a dinner table.
-Placemats, coasters, napkins and cups from the Words in Use collection will trigger your visitors to play w. They will simply have to find the words of Greek origins "hidden" diagonally, vertically and horizontally in the word puzzles.
-Mugs with words that derive from the Greek vocabulary will spark a creative dialogue during breakfast and coffee breaks.

Walls with personality
Add a sophisticated touch by placing unique Wall Deco items: Akrokeramo Wall, Wall Rosettes and Wall Arts will attract your guest's attention. A dull, narrow corridor can be transformed into a fascinating space.

Sophisticated rooms
Hotel Rooms aim to be peaceful and comfortable. Create a warm and relaxing atmosphere with wonderful scented candles. For a more sophisticated look place table lamp "Sun" with Heraclitus famous quote " The Sun is new each day" engraved on its base on a TV unit, desk or bedside table.

Experiences, your visitors will love
Give your visitors more reasons to spend time in the hotel premises. Sophia's Dialogue and Memory games from Philosophia collection, which will ensure your guests will have an entertaining, whilst enlightening time.
Hotel Deco