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Sophia is both an idea, a concept and an initiative.

New Psychology Collection

Psychology: New inspiration, new words, new products in Philosophia collection

Psychology, which is inspired by the study of human soul, is the new addition to the Philosophia collection by Sophia stands out and spreads the Greek spirit.

Once again, words derived from Greek vocabulary and were used in English and science like psychology inspires Sophia to design new unique objects that promote Greek thought.

The words #psychology, #physiology, #psyche, #psychotherapy are printed on objects to combine functionality with thought and fun.

Mugs: useful and explicit, simple but unique, provide the official definition of words and add inspiration to daily habits.

Set of cappuccino cups: Ideal gift for elegant taste, the cappuccino kit converts the daily habit of coffee to a meaningful ritual.

Notebooks: These four words, their definition and notion are presented on the cover, but also within the pages of the notebooks. They are practical and at the same time ideal asset for imaginative moments.

Dialogue games: It is time for thoughtful games! With twenty questions arising from the ancient philosophy and modern psychology, Sophia’s three new games are inviting everyone to meet, to connect and to reach their inner self.

The new collection traveled and was presented at international exhibitions in Paris (MAISON & OBJET) and London (TOP DRAWER) and is now available on our e-shop

New Psychology Collection