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Sophia is both an idea, a concept and an initiative.

Smart Gifts

Gifts are the perfect way to express our feelings to friends and beloved ones. Sometimes it is a way to show appreciation or gratitude. Choosing gifts for those we love reflects our personality and for this reason it is important to choose correctly. Especially when gifts are for special people, one may want to choose something special too!

SOPHIA suggests some "smart" ideas for gifts beyond the usual:

Philosophy - Psychology Games for unique moments
How often we do meaningful dialogue with our friends or by ourselves; Sophia, through the Psychology Games, aim to trigger internal search, dialogue, exchange of thoughts and ideas, for expression and communication. Choose the one that inspires you the mostand give energy to your friends!

Pillows with philosophical mood
The Mini Gift Cushions in their own elegant gift box from SOPHIA’s Eternity Today collection is the ideal present for those that have a special place in our heart. With printed ancient quotes on the front, you can choose what suits better to your loved one and invite him to enjoy thinking.

Philosophia espresso cups
For some of us coffee is not only a daily habit but a special ritual! A perfect gift for coffee lovers is the Set of Espresso cups from SOPHIA’s Philosophia collection.  Decorated with the four key words of the collection #harmony, #ecstasy, #dialogue and #utopia give a playful tone to the daily routine.

Philosophia Mugs
For those who enjoy their coffee on bigger doses Philosophia Mugs are the perfect gift! With much more details for each word on the front trigger dialogue and thinking!

Table lamps for unique spaces
A unique table lamp for the "sophisticated" friends. The brand new Sophia’s Table Sun Lamp with ancient quote on the base adds a sophisticated look and special design on the space
Make interesting gifts with unique design and impress your friends and your family!
Smart Gifts