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Sophia is both an idea, a concept and an initiative.

Sophia at HOMI - Milan

Sophia participates in another international exhibition:
HOMI - Milan in September

Homi is an international trade fair for interior design, which takes place at Fiera Milano, twice per year. It is a special event, which promotes innovation, new ideas, authentic experiences and entrepreneurship.

The most exciting part of the exhibition is the Dream-Desire-Design (DDD), a special space dedicated to international design talents, which will host a selection of innovative design objects, designed and produced in ten different countries.

Greece is one of these countries and the curator of this project Stefano Mignaia, has chosen Sophia to be part of this creative initiative. Stefano Mignaia is an architect and interior designer of international reputation. His invitation to be part of the Dream-Desire-Design (DDD) is an honor for our company and for our country.

Sophia will present in Milan all the new colors and designs of the Eternity Today collection; A selection of unique design products by Stefano Mingaia himself.

Sophia will be with other pioneering designers in Hall 10, Stand D43 from 16-19 September 2016.
Sophia at HOMI - Milan