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Sophia is both an idea, a concept and an initiative.

SOPHIA “exports” Greece

Very often we are being asked why the quotes that we cite on our designs are in English rather than in Greek. Therefore, SOPHIA Enjoy Thinking felt the need to explain the philosophy behind the brand and its decision.

SOPHIA (Greek for wisdom) is not just a brand but a creative initiative that strives to evoke the authentic cultural story telling of Greece. 

By taking part in important trade fairs abroad, such as the MAISON & OBJET Show in Paris, and selling our products in museum stores worldwide, such as the British Museum and the Louvre, we succeeded in  “exporting” Greek culture and achieving our initial goals.

SOPHIA Enjoy Thinking aimed in promoting, sharing and selling not just beautifully designed handmade Greek products, but ideas all over the world. This need was driven by the fact that we wanted firstly, to reveal the beautiful side of Greece, especially during the harsh period of time that we encounter, and secondly to strengthen our local economy.

SOPHIA’s collections combine eternity with modernity, art with design and timeless myths of the Greek antiquity with the spirit of the 21st century. 

SOPHIA’s Philosophia collection, praising the universality of the Greek vocabulary elegantly carries Greek words that are used in English. #ecstasy, #dialogue, #harmony and #utopia are words, which need no translation. 

From the beginning we aimed to export the Greek heritage and draw the attention of foreign markets, which happily welcomed SOPHIA with great enthusiasm. SOPHIA can now be found in many stores and museums abroad, transforming the concept of souvenir into cultural gift and spreading the Greek culture all over the world. 

Our aspiration is to continue to “export” a positive image of Greece abroad and to expand our activity in Greece, with the hope that the national public will embrace our vision with the same passion, as the international one. 

Through not only and many different points in Greece and abroad, SOPHIA’s products tell old stories today, whilst harmonizing the present with the past and Greek cultural heritage with contemporary design.

SOPHIA “exports” Greece