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Sophia is both an idea, a concept and an initiative.

Sophia in Concept Stores

Sophia in unique concept stores 'made in' Greece

Sophia's designs travel on every corner all over Greece. We have recorded some of the most trendy concept stores in Greece, in which you will 'experience' Sophia Enjoy Thinking. Sophia's unique creations, which worship Ancient Greek beauty, will invite you to 'Enjoy Thinking", as well as add an elegant, yet thoughtful, touch to your space.

Casa Delfino
, Theofanous 9, Chania: Casa Delfino is a luxury hotel, housed in a 17th century Venetial mansion, inviting their guests to a rare journey of refined elegance and distinctive style. In its shop you can find an exclusive range of Sophia's collections.

ID Concept Stores
, Sekeris 8 & Kanaris, Kolonaki. it is a distinctive creative space, which hosts a unique collection of jewelry, unique accessories, objet d'art, and eclectic clothing that will inspire you. Visit ID Concept Store and explore Sophia's home & fashion accessories, which are an unlimited source of inspiration.

Eleni Marneri Gallerie
, Lembesis 5, Athens: A unique gallery at the southern foot of the Athens Acropolis, which showcases unique objects with a story to tell... Sophia narrates its story at the Marneris Gallery.

Forget me Not
, Adrianou 100, Plaka: It is a unique concept store, located in the house of Theodoros Kolokotronis. Forget me Not has triggered a design 'revolution' though presenting a exclusive range of contemporary, made in Greece objects. Sophia is at the forefront of the revolution.

Mouses Art Things & More
, 16 Theotoki Michail, Corfu: A sophisticated concept store for patrons of sophisticated taste is in the spotlight of the corfiot scene. Sophia's collections shine in Mouses Art Things & More!

Mare Gaia
, Papadiamanti 21, Skiathos: It is a unique shop with handmade creations: fashion, home accessories & jewelry. Find Sophia's hand-finished designs are included in its collection.

WD Concept Store
, Fira, Santorini: In one of the most beautiful parts of the Cyclades, WD Concept Store is a beautiful concept store that promotes the Greek spirit through authentic creations, in harmony with Sophia's aspiration!

All these exceptional concept stores, which have changed the Greek scene, will be hosting this summer the new collection of Sophia 'Eternal', including unique home & fashion accessories.

Remember that Sophia's distinctive characteristic is the "signature" that is no other than the spiral sign! It is one of the oldest and most powerful symbols that since the Paleolithic Era in Greece represented vitality and the omnipresent ancient Hellenism. That is the reason why we chose this symbol as the "signature" of our brand and you will find it in all our products.

Sophia in Concept Stores