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Sophia is both an idea, a concept and an initiative.

Sophia in Museums

SOPHIA travels around the world and achieves to export the Greek cultural heritage through contemporary design. By exhibiting its products in some of the most popular museums in the world, narrates our country's treasured stories in different corners of the globe:

Musée du Louvre in Paris
The Musée du Louvre is one of the largest, most popular and oldest art museums in the world. Located in the center of Paris, on the banks of the Seine, hosts in its halls 35,000 pieces of art.

We are proud that its visitors from all over the world can shop SOPHIA’s unique items, such as cushions and bookends at Louvre Souvenir Store. SOPHIA through designing and promoting unique objects aims to transmit the Greek cultural heritage worldwide.

British museum in London
The British Museum is a museum of human history, art and culture in London. Its collection, with more than seven million exhibits, is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the world, as it includes unique items from all continents, exploring the story of human culture from its beginning until today.
The museum’s shop offers high quality gifts from all cultures of the world including also the Ancient Greek Culture where we can find statuettes, cushions and other unique design items from SOPHIA.

The Getty Museum in Los Angeles
The Getty Museum at the Getty Center in Los Angeles triggers the curiosity for the visual arts through the preservation and exhibition of visual works of exceptional quality and historical importance.
Some of SOPHIA’s unique design objects, such as porcelain tableware, demonstrating the Marathon Runners, can be found in the museum shop, contributing to the promotion of Greek culture in USA.

National Hellenic Museum in Chicago
The National Hellenic Museum in Chicago is the only institution in USA, which interprets the American experience through the story of Greek immigrants as well as the contribution of Greek-Americans in the American mosaic. At the same time it celebrates the global impact of the Greek cultural heritage.
It is a great honor for Sophia, which has common goals, to exhibit in the museum’s store, pieces from its collections such as Art de la table of Eternity Today series, Owls or Wall Rosettes.

Courtauld Gallery in London
The Courtauld Institute of Art is a leading institution, museum and research center dedicated to the study of history and conservation of art and architecture. In Courtauld Gallery visitors meet world-famous masterpieces of paintings, drawings and decorative arts.
In its store one can find, the unique statuettes of the Winged Victory of Samothrace as well as, other wonderful artifacts designed by Sophia.

Museum of Cycladic Art
Our Museum of Cycladic Art is dedicated to the study and promotion of ancient cultures of the Aegean and Cyprus, with special emphasis on Cycladic Art of the 3rd millennium BC.
It is very important to us that among the striking and timeless gifts that are proposed in the Museum’s shop you can find also pieces of our collections, such as Philosophia, enabling guests to take or offer a piece of ancient Greek history.
Sophia in Museums