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Styling tips for your bedroom!

Bedroom is one of the favorite spaces of the house, as it fully reflects our personality. It is the perfect room, especially when we seek peace and serenity. 

Sophia offers some tips in order to add stylish touches to your bedroom’s decoration and create the perfect atmosphere for an ultimate relaxation.

Pastel colors with some bright details: Create a calming and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom, by embracing light color tones. At the same time, a wall in a different color or some decorative objects in bright colors add vitality to the place.

Decorate your bed beautifully: Each time we enter into a bedroom, the first thing in our sight is the bed. Therefore, it is important to give a unique character to it. A great idea is to choose covers or blankets in neutral colors and to a mix and match pillows of different colors and sizes, that reflect your personality.

Be playful with your bedside table: It is better to avoid the classic bedside tables we have known for years. You can choose a distinctive piece, always based on your personal style, to create an interesting corner next to your bed. One of your favorite books, a collage of photos and quotes or a very special object is enough.

The Lights: The search for the ideal lighting of a space is worth your effort and time. It's the little details that make the difference. Choose a special and sophisticated light for your bedroom.

Wall art that inspires us: Usually most people, place frames or paintings on top of the headboard of the bed. You can try the exact opposite: Place on the opposite wall, a wall art that inspires you. This will be your motivation and inspiration for each new day! 
Styling tips for your bedroom!