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Sophia is both an idea, a concept and an initiative.

Success is about Passion

Sophia - Enjoy thinking with great pleasure will be taking part in a special event about female entrepreneurship hosted at Apivita Concept Store on 26/10.

Living postcards and Apivita joined forces to create an evening full of joy, exchange of ideas and hoping to create new business partnerships as well as establishing new friendly relationships.

Eight speakers whose their passion and talent led to success, will share eight different life stories on how you can succeed your dreams and goals by doing what you love!

Eight creative women will introduce their brands - incl Sophia's own founder and creator - and will  share and uncover with us the secrets of being a business woman, the difficulties, the obstacles and twists and turns they had to face.

On the 16/10 at 17:00 at Apivita Experience store you will have the chance to visit and meet  in person all the speakers and their brands following up  by talks that will take place at 18.30 on the 2nd floor ( Ippocrates Room) where each speaker will tell her story.
Success is about Passion