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Sophia is both an idea, a concept and an initiative.

Summer’s Memories!

This summer make your own memory album!

Summer vacation is just around the corner... Some may have already started their holidays through short breaks away from home, but most people are waiting for August to relax, to evade from the everyday routine and to try new experiences!

The most important thing, even if one will not manage to escape from the hustle and bustle of a big city, is to gain new experiences that will calm your spirit and help one find some moments of peace... A great idea is to keep a holiday album! One can choose a nice notebook that fits in our bag so that one can always write down all the unique memories. A beautiful moment, a new discovery or something interesting that we heard!

One can take the idea a step further by turning the calendar into an album of memories and ourselves into a restless explorer. One can stick on its pages photographs of the beaches that he visited or of a unique corner of his city he had never noticed before, due to the mad pace of everyday life. Furthermore, by writing down the thoughts and feelings, one will be able to revive these experiences again and again later!
One can also decorate the pages of his notebook with the tickets from concerts or theatrical performances that amused him. Pinning a map or even parts of it from that tiny island that hosted us for the first time, or a napkin of our favorite restaurant is great idea that will create an album full of unforgettable memories that one may look back to every time he feels the need to get away from the grayness of everyday winter days...

Chose a notebooks of high aesthetics and design that inspires you, like those by SOPHIA- Enjoy Thinking in colorful colors and with a practical, yet elegant book marker. SOPHIA’s notebooks, hosting quotes by famous philosophers on their inside, will show you the way to explore new philosophical destinations and will accompany your new, refreshing experiences that will remain unforgettable.
Summer’s Memories!