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Sophia is both an idea, a concept and an initiative.

The Athens Marathon Experience

The Athens annual Marathon is taking us back 2.500 years ago when the original Marathon runner crossed the distance from the battle of Marathon to Athens in order   to announce the Greeks' victory over Persians.

Sophia Enjoy Thinking "Marathon Run Project" is a creative initiative that wishes to promote the spirit of the Marathon run today. Through an exclusive range of storytelling items Sophia is celebrating the Greek strength and victory that the Athens Classic Marathon symbolizes: 

Marathon Boy statue:  This victorious young athlete is a reminder that belief in oneself is a prerequisite for success and personal fulfillment. A sophisticated decorative item offering a new aesthetic perspective to your space.

Marathon Art de la Table: Olympic Runners plates coming in two sizes and four designs will transform any dinner table into a unique storytelling experience! Enhance your tableware with the Marathon Boy Dessert Plate , a great addition to any range or style.

Μarathon Boy Bookends:  Awarded with the Silver A' Design Award Sophia’s Marathon Boy Bookends will add style and prestige in any space!

Welcome the Athens Marathon spirit with these sophisticated design items embracing the Greek Cultural Heritage! 

The Athens Marathon Experience