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Sophia is both an idea, a concept and an initiative.

Greek Heritage Today

Greece has been an eternal source of inspiration of Western civilization. Ancient Greek culture has been for centuries a case study for artists, who dreamed to revive the ancient Greek philosophy. From time to time many famous people of arts and intellect have praised the value of Greek civilization, as well as all the things that the rest of the world owns to it.

Through our products, which are based on in depth knowledge of the Greek culture and spirit, we seek to convey our love for our country and its history, whilst giving the opportunity to those who share this love, to welcome ancient wisdom in their own private world.

Through SOPHIA’s e-shop one can find unique design objects that offer a new aesthetic perspective to our space, highlighting the Greek cultural heritage.

Wonderful statuettes, narrating the story of Greece, unique paintings representing ancient quotes and figures, decorative cushions with philosophical concepts and wonderful designs and useful items, which “play” with Greek words, add “character” to our place and at the same time trigger constructive thinking and dialogues.

If you are a lover of Greek culture and civilization take a look at SOPHIA’s new E-shop!
Greek Heritage Today