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Sophia is both an idea, a concept and an initiative.

European Music Day 2016

SOPHIA is a National Supporter of the 17th European Music Day 2016 and promotes this unique cultural partnership by inviting all of us to the dance of harmony and optimism. 

This year, with the support and the passion of hundreds of artists, ordinary citizens, volunteers and organizers, 37 cities are participating in the European Music Day efforts, to flood neighborhoods, squares, pedestrian streets and parks of Greece with melodies, from the 18th till the 23rd of June. Sophia even if it’s a brand specializing in décor, product and interior design, strongly believes in the concept of synergy in between different artistic areas, such as music and promotes any form of creativity in Greece.

Sophia will be there to change the rhythms of our cities!

The 17th edition of the European Music Day (Greece), is the result of an amazing national collaborative effort, and the concerts, activities and events of 2016 are bringing a strong message of optimism, unity and cooperation. Determined to change the rhythms of the cities, 3.000 musicians, 430 bands, Djs, Choirs and Orchestras will be present in 320 events in more than 170 locations, Nationwide!

A loud call prompting everyone to leave aside the problems of everyday life – even for a few hours – and to follow the heart beats of music.

Stay tuned!

See more information about the events here:
European Music Day 2016