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Sophia is both an idea, a concept and an initiative.

Find time to think...

"Find time for thinking - this is the source of power" one of the greatest Greek poets Yiannis Ritsos wisely said. But nowadays how much time do we spend in thinking? How many stimuli do we receive every day that encourage us to enjoy thinking?

The truth is that we hardly receive incentives that will force us to think a bit more philosophically or which will trigger an interesting dialogue or constructive debates. Sophia though, does that through a diverse range of product. Sophia’s collections offer incentives for thought and debate ... The Eternity Today and Philosophia collection whisper Sophia’s motto "enjoy thinking" and show us how to reflect not only productively but also in an exciting way. For example, through playing Sophia’s dialogue game with friends or family you explore philosophical issues. Memory games with quotations of famous personalities, from the antiquity to modern times, strengthen our memory and enrich our knowledge.

Sophia strives to make thinking not a treat but a habit in our daily lives through useful objects that celebrate the notion of the Greek language and promote important values ​​born in Greece such as democracy and dialogue and ancient Greek philosophy.

Embrace Sophia’s motto  Enjoy thinking in your everyday life! You will not regret it!

Find time to think...