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Sophia is both an idea, a concept and an initiative.

Greek Creativity not in crisis

Five creative Greek teams come together in a group exhibition called GREEK CREATIVITY NOT IN CRISIS. They decided to join their forces to demonstrate that within the depressing atmosphere of the Greek crisis, Greek creativity can flourish.

Confident and optimistic Sophia Enjoy Thinking and her colleagues Christina Morali, Paperkingdom, The Cool Projects and We Design will present their new creations, consisting of cultural gifts, decorative items and stationary, at Forget Me Not in the historic city centre of Athens. Their aim was to emphasize on the fact that a very important capital of the Greek economy is the Greek creativity, expressed in many different ways.

This exhibition is a unique opportunity to find exceptional presents with Greek identity for the people you love as Christmas and New Years Eve are just around the corner.


Opening: November 14 at 12.00.

Duration: Until December 31,

Hours and days of operation: Saturday & Sunday 12.00-20,00

Area: Forget Me Not, Adrianou 100 Plaka.