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Sophia is both an idea, a concept and an initiative.

I Saw this Summer Exhibition

Through unique, creative design objects, inspired by art, philosophy and the Greek cultural heritage that promote the historical wealth of our country, SOPHIA Enjoy Thinking has won the admiration of the Greek and the international audience.

SOPHIA’s collections, ''I Saw this Summer'' and ''Philosophia'', both characterized by the strong philosophical character of the brand, will take you through a “cultural” journey, from Wednesday 1st June until the 20th June at Placebo Pharmacy in Glyfada. Visit us to discover and explore the importance of the Greek cultural heritage through contemporary design.

Placebo Pharmacy is a large concept store with a completely different approach to their drug stores. Their motto is "positive thoughts every day", which is in perfect harmony with the philosophy of SOPHIA Enjoy Thinking. The favorable location and the particular cylindrical shape of the building catch everyone’s eyes.

From Monday to Saturday you are welcome to this wonderful place at 85 Vouliagmeni Avenue Glyfada (in front of City Plaza), in order to add to your summer shopping Greek character.

For more information see here:
I Saw this Summer Exhibition