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Venus standing L raw

From ERP/Import

298.00 €
Weight: 7200 gr
Dimension: 18x18x63Hcm
Material: new ceramine
Color: raw creme
Code: S225170RCR
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  • Description

  • Sophia Εnjoy Τhinking, imagines the new luxury of today in home, with objects we love with a meaning and reason that give us an emotional effect and a different approach to value. RARE Collection materialised all due to this new substance, since we were looking for something strong but fragile at the same time. A new luxury! It is based on our secret ceramine recipe of earthy and environmentally friendly ingredients. Βy adding firm stone powders and mixing it all up with some special colour dyes, we managed to give birth to a brand new material which is at the same time raw and elegant with a special sparkle, giving a distinguished and chic effect.