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Philosophy is the highest music

Memory game with 40 thoughts of influential personalities


19.90 €
Weight: 300 gr
Dimension: 15X15 cm
Material: paper
Color: multi
Code: S001044_sku
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  • Description
  • Test your memory and knowledge of not just ancient, but also modern wisdom by matching the cards that depict the same philosopher's saying or witty words of influential personalities of modern times. 

    The game’s rules are simple: mix the cards, lay them in rows, face down. The first player chooses two cards. If the two cards are a matching pair they take the two cards and start a stack. The player is awarded another turn for making a match and goes again. The player that has more cards at the end is the winner.

    Philosophia’s two Memory Games will get players on an exciting race of minds, with heated discussions as an added and most satisfying benefit

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